This is a statement. War is not a purpose to fulfill our own desires by taking other people’s lifes. War is not a question of economy. It’s a question of life and death that is not answered anymore because it grew to be ordinary. With all the dead we are leaving behind every day, with all the dead we leave in the streets every day, it is hard to believe that there is a difference between people and vultures.


The photo was taken by Nick Ut on June 8 in 1972 outside the village of Tran Bang, Vietnam. The little girl’s name is Kim Phuc. She got burned by napalm.

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No More Love.


your smooth skin. your smile outside, when the sun hits your face and the wind plays with your hair. your eyes when they look in my eyes. your heartbeat let me fall in sleep.

cover taken from here. Hope it’s okay.

and download is here.

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Fever Dreaming.

Here’s some rock music with structure. At least most of the time everything appears simple and pure. Enjoy.


Cover found here. Thank you.

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A Theory on Propaganda.

Make up your own mind about this piece of work:

I: Nationalistic Idolatry.

II: Non-Stop Distraction.

III: Organised Lying.

Photo taken with all due respect and appreciation from Cosmos and Demons.

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Rotten Fruit and Damaged Goods.

Here we have another old and rather relaxed mixtape. I don’t even remember when I made this but as it turns out: it’s still kind of nice to listen to.

In case there’s not some cover picture showing something like a hall or some stairs or anything alike attached to the file already use this new one instead.

Found here.


Rotten Fruit and Damaged Goods.

And the tracklist on popular demand:

Death in Vegas. girls // Low. canada // The American Analog Set. baby julie come home // Antelope. mirroring // It Hugs Back. stomach worm // Sonic Youth. incinerate // Pixies. where is my mind? // The Promise Ring. size of your life // Yeah Yeah Yeahs. let me know // Cold War Kids. hang me up to dry // My Bloody Valentine. sometimes // Clap Your Hands Say Yeah. love song no.7 // Radiohead. backdrifts // Dawn Landes. straight lines // Ray Rumours. wolfie // Anni Rossi. arctic swing // Kimya Dawson. the competition // Nouvelle Vague. ever fallen in love // The Kills. black balloon // John Yoko. morning paper // Psapp. trycicle


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No to Everything.

It’s hard to reduce this to certain categories. It’s a little something of almost everything I like and I just took it for a walk outside in the streets. I suggest you do the same. But feel free to just say no.

Photography by Cait Fahey. I hope you don’t mind.

No to Everything.

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I Can’t Hide My Love

Yeah, welcome to another journey thru great, crazy, weird and wicked sound.






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