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The Dude Squad are two guys. They name themselves The Cowboy Killer & The Unknown and they don’t want to talk about why they are doing so. They like to talk about music though and, being addicted to records and owing it to their collector’s hearts, like to record mixtapes (or what you want to call them in the 21st century). This is a page presenting these tapes. And that’s pretty much all that needs to be said.

Unless: The Dude Squad does not want to offend anyone in any way. The tracks appearing on these tapes are where they are because of a deep feeling of respect towards the musicians. This is not about providing free music over the internet and it for sure is not about advising you not to buy records anymore. In fact the reverse. Please listen to these tapes and songs and musicians and if you find something you like, ask and buy it in physical form. We appreciate music and labels and artists and everyone who is investing time and energy and passion and money in what we all love: the emotion of music.

You can not label that with a price. But you can always support.


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