The first time this was played it has already caused both tears and laughter. So I thought it might be worth being shared: We’re alive.










Photography taken from here.

Thank you.

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We’re vampires and we’re hungry for blood.

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War on my Mind.

I’ve got war on my mind. And that is pretty much all there is to say.

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When the good times are over and you remember them. You see them for a second and then you remember the end and you wish you never had such good times. There is no fuckin hope. Time heals nothing.


cover taken from here.

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Toy Piano.

In dedication to the keys I decided to compile some piano tunes. Recommended as a soundtrack to an autumn night: Toy Piano.

The photo was taken by Yvan Rodic.



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Collection of Regrets.

It’s a collection of regrets and it’s changing times.


I honestly forgot where I found this photo. I’m very sorry and I hope it’s ok to use it anyway.

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No More.

no love goes unpunished.

no fight ends with a draw.

no future.





cover taken from here. hope it’s okay.


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